Penny Rogel.

The Soul of North.

Everything began when I was about 3 years old. Dad played the Beatles (and oh my god I still love them!!) and we were jumping on a couch with my little brother. You know the moment when something really ”hits you”. That was it. I was going crazy for all that energy and all the feelings their music woke up in me. 

I think life is a miracle.

Every day is a new adventure. Life is strange and funny and crazy – so freaking sad one day and amazingly awesome at another. You probably know how it is to miss a tram because of concentrating more on the shapes of the clouds in the sky or wondering why the trees happen to grow in the places they do. Even if you don't you should try some day. And how interesting it is to stare at other people in the morning bus and guess their life stories and personalities.

These habits that I have maybe the reason why I must sing and write songs. I have a compelling need to do that. Everything around us everyday is so interesting. With the words and the feeling brought in with the music you can choose the best parts of it to be shown and told to other people. And never ever underestimate the power of imagination. 

"I just want to give the world what I can. I want to share with you what my hand writes and mind creates. I use my lips and my body to tell you what I see, to show you what I hear. And I will listen and watch to learn you what you see and what you hear."

 - Somewhere, Someday. Penny Rogel.