From the heat of Dar Es Salaam to the winds of Helsinki

The beautiful warm city and lovely new people we just got to know were still in my mind when we arrived to the chilly Pengerpuisto. I had just yesterday arrived from Tanzania and still felt a little lost to be back in the North. I was supposed to attend Omatuntoklubi open stage and as a surprise got to hear that the national tv channel YLE was present to film the event for their tv-series "Hetkiä Kaupungissa". (So keep your eyes open later this autumn when you watch tv!) The lovely two ladies hosting the Omatuntoklubi event and in fact also the tv series in question, Anna and Marja, had created a lovely little stage in the middle of the park and met people with wonderful warmth. I really felt like everyone at the park highly appreciated the together afternoon people had built voluntarily in the park and the people organizing it and bringing in their own skills and contribution. Thank you so much everyone and especially Anna and Marja for one of the most adorable gigs I've had so far! 

If you wanna know more about the club you could check out Omatuntoklubi Facebook page.

 Singing can be kinda serious business, right ? ;) 

Singing can be kinda serious business, right ? ;) 

About Movies & Life.

I wanted to make movies until I realized that the best movie ever was far too close. And the best is that I got the main role in a piece called My Life.

Life is so beautiful. Good. And sometimes so hard to understand and accept. It’s confusing. This morning I was listening to a song and suddenly started to cry without a proper reason. Yea, that song did bring me back to some memories. But also that moment – don’t know why exactly right now – things that have happened in my life started rolling in front of my eyes and I couldn’t help it. I started crying.

It was not because of sadness or sorrow, neither pure joy. It felt like I would have let out so many hidden feelings without a chance to even recognize them all. After some minutes of uncontrollable emotional blow up I felt calm. I was so grateful for all the things I have had a privilege to experience and go through in my life. There have been so many lovely moments, life lessons and so many amazing people on my way until today.

I was looking myself into eyes in front of a mirror. On a spring-like sunshine I noticed my eyes had started to glisten in turquoise again. That’s a sign of spring and summer. Turquoise reflects me hope, love and a new beginning. I’m not afraid anymore. Anything can happen in this life. And I’m more than grateful to be in that adventure.



I Love...

Sleepy mornings,
Beautiful Photography,
Record shops,
Sea and Morning Sun,
Night Walks,
Dipping your toes into the sand on a beach,
Lovely Friends,
Senselessness of Life,
Odd coincidences,
New Beginnings,
Smiling Passers-By,
I love to Love.


I’m not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything. I’ve always been a freak. So I’ve been a freak all my life and I have to live with that, you know. I’m one of those people.
— John Lennon


I loved the Beatles. And beautiful photos.

We were jumping on the couch with my little brother in the rythme of rock music. I ended up hitting my head quite bad. But it’s all or nothing, you know, and you can’t bargain the party. At family parties I beat an old harmonium and sang. At the time I knew nearly nothing about music but already had a compelling need to perform.

I ran with barefoot on the cold gravel of spring. I thought summer would come faster if I ran against it. I wanted to be free. I believed, that if I could run fast enough I would learn to fly. Mom has always called me a bird.

I still love the Beatles and beautiful photos. But it took me a few years before I understood that flying means a lot more. Imagination. Dreams. And pursuing what you love.