Song for the Girls in Garissa.

Music has amazing power. It can, for example, start a party, give us joy and hope, comfort us and help us handle sadness and pain. Music brings together people and can raise to discussion important issues and help us handle the difficult emotions related to them. Sometimes might even let us see the world trough someone else's eyes for a moment. 

Kungsholms Kyrka here in Stockholm organized a charity concert to work against genital mutilation and to support girls in Garissa, Kenya. When one of the absolutely best gospel artists in Sweden, the wonderful Erik Toro, asked me to co-write a piece for the concert I felt honored. The topic is really heavy and so was writing a song about such theme. But I am really grateful if I can support people with my work. I want to believe music and art have power to make people think and act for a better world. That's why I wanted to take this challenge.  

It is very difficult for me to understand why people hurt young girls in such a cruel way. Even if I could never claim to understand how painful it must be for these children and young people who really experience it, we all know how wrong it is and we cannot close our eyes from such phenomenon. With our song we want to indicate our sympathy for the girls and remind everyone that there is always room for hope. It is the least we can do. Erik and I want to dedicate our song "Humanity" for the girls in Garissa and elsewhere who have had to face such cruel violence. Here's a short clip of our performance from last Sunday.



Thanks to Pilvi Kekkonen for filming and thanks to the great musicians I got to work with: Erik Toro, Kristian Remnelius and Johan Öberg.