Passion and Pain

Passion and pain

walk hand in hand.

The day they separate

artists thank and lovers celebrate. 

- but on the other hand -

What would joy be without sorrow? 

What would be love without hate? 


I used to fear that there'll be no day

that I'd reach the aims my heart burned for to get.

I felt like everyone else was finding their way.

And what was possible for them never happened to me. 


Now that I've seen a little more.

Now that I've fallen a couple of times more. 

Now that I feel what it is to be free.

I'll tell you a secret:

Life is filled with miracles,

every day is a gift. 


Oh yes, I still fear, I still feel sad.

But what matters is how you take that.

Open your eyes for the little things.

They'll give you joy and show you how. 

Since treasures and Love

were made for everyone.