Why Not?

We are really good at coming up with excuses.

"I don't have time / enough skills / money /. I am too tired / I don't know anyone there."

But the real reason almost never is that those limitations could prevent us from doing new things or achieving our goals. So many times I have heard someone say "I have dreamed for so long to do that or go there." But when I ask them why they simply do not go for it, too often the answer is a list of excuses. "It's too difficult, I don't have time, I cannot because..." If those are just excuses, what is it then that stands in our way? 


Fear of failure, fear that the reality does not meet our expectations. I can assure you  - so many times things will not happen like we thought, but even better. And in case we fail, at least we will learn a lesson. My mom is the best at comforting people when something goes really wrong in life. She says:

"You know, this may feel like the world ends today and now. But later you will be grateful that this happened to you. There will be even better things waiting for you that would not have had a possibility to happen if this thing you just lost would have worked."

 Sometimes we have to let go of something we would like to keep. It is inevitable to make room for better new. 

See, if we want something really bad there will always be a way to get there. But it might not be easy. It comes down to the law of risk and return. The possibility to win something worthy always includes a lot of work and some risk. And this risk has many faces: failure, disappointment, embarrassment. Naturally none of us likes to feel embarrassed or make mistakes. But they might be inevitable in achieving the goal. Which one is worse - taking the risk (and the possibility) or not even trying?  

Sometimes we are just too keen on our cozy everyday life that it is hard to let go of the routines and simply be spontaneous sometimes. Being a little more spontaneous in everyday life might help you to resist the bigger risks that we need to take later. So, next time someone has a "crazy" idea, asks you to go to a party where you know nobody within an hours warning, or jump on a plane and go for an adventure booked last minute, when you really want to achieve something that at first seems impossible - instead of just worrying and asking why, ask yourself: why not. What keeps you from going? What do you have to loose? Is there really something wrong or are you just feeling a little scared since the idea breaks your cozy steady routines? 

 Why Not? Powerful two words that may stop you to think for new if the possibility is worth taking the risk or even - Exciting? 

Why Not? Powerful two words that may stop you to think for new if the possibility is worth taking the risk or even - Exciting? 

Beautiful, amazing things may happen if you just give them a chance.