Spring Excitement

SUNSHINE. Makes people feel alive again. It's like this whole new feeling has filled us all with love, hope and beautiful thoughts. But what I love the most is the light and the energy. Today, it feels so much easier to actually start doing things. I actually feel INVINCIBLE. ;)

So, encouraged by this rush of spring excitement and fluffyness I felt really productive today and managed to drive quite a few things forward. I promise you the upcoming summer will be filled with surprises and most likely we'll be seen on stage at some events and record some new material as well.

While waiting for the new material, you are welcome to enjoy my latest release, Don't Cry Little Sweetie. Sometimes you write a song for a broken hearted friend and realize later that you need it yourself too. Even if we all have had our tough moments and sorrows, one thing is for sure. After the darkness there will always be light. Always. And as much as this song is meant to comfort the broken hearts out there, it is to embrace hope. 

Open your heart to the warmth and light of the spring -  let yourself be surprised. 



 Beautiful Spring Helsinki. <3

Beautiful Spring Helsinki. <3