Black Baby Tiger

And so came the day after the gig at Rauma Jazz. I must admit I had been looking forward to that day at least as eagerly as the gig night before it (or even a little bit more). Finally I would get to carry the little baby home! Mom and I woke up early in the morning (and as you may imagine,  it was not too easy after having a gig last night.. ) and drove for two hours to pick him up. 

On our way back the baby first cried a bit. But of course - Who would not have been a little worried when two random people take you to a machine (= a car) you have never seen in your life before? Luckily after only half an hour drive our little prince started to realize there's nothing to be afraid of. He even dared to sleep a bit. 

Now he has been a part of the family for three days and he knows indeed how to rule the house. Seems like we are all on our knees in front of the cute little monster. But honestly - who wouldn't ? After all he represents the aristocratic team of cats.  You see how his smooth, flexible movement and bright independent character makes him just irresistible.


And oh yes. That's exactly why I love him. 

.. Penny