Some feelings & thoughts after a wonderful evening at Bar Kuka

Bar Kuka was cozy and nice as always. People started to linger to the bar after nine.  

My place was next to the giant tiger's head. Sometimes I wish I could be like a tiger myself. Agile, beautiful and strong. Confident. Don't we all?

I climbed to the stage and found the crowd in front of me. Some of them had come to see the gig, some just happened to visit the place at the time of my show. No matter the reason, I wanted so bad to make their evening worth remembering. To share feelings.

So I sang and I played. And you people smiled, cheered, at times even cried a bit (at least someone admitted to me after the show they did).  

Many thanks to Pietu and Benny from Bar Kuka for arranging such a great evening. Thanks also for everyone who were sitting in the audience and for all my friends who showed up. Special thanks to Toni for all the support, Lauri and Ville for helping to carry the piano - and of course Ville Tapani for enthusiastic cheering!  

You seemed to have great time and so did I. I was so happy to share that evening with you. And I hope there will be plenty more. <3

. Penny