Sounds of Rain.

When have you last cried so that your eyes swell and it feels like your heart would be ripped into two pieces?

Sometimes life hurts like hell. Some things are not nice to do but you have to listen to your heart to know what is right. Begin every day with no fear, your soul filled with inspiration and act honest. It will pay back.

It was an early spring evening. Almost midnight. It was already dark but not yet too cold to sit on the balcony, 11th floor. I was listening to the rain falling down and watching the trains come and go. I wondered how long was I going to stay here. There will come time for me to leave again. Continue the adventure.

The sound of rain is beautiful.

You know, I believe. And I promise you. There is always hope. Always.

Within every moment of failure and a drop of misfortune I see, there is a spark of a new chance.